Handcross Primary School

Safe, Happy and Aiming High

Headteacher: Mrs Sharon Bondonno

The School Day

Children must not arrive on the premises before 8.40am.

8.45 School doors open Children arriving at school
8.50 Register
8.55 Learning begins
  Children have a 15 minute morning break.
12.15 Lunch break
1.15 Lessons continue
2.30-2.45 Infant Afternoon Break - occasionally
3.15 End of school day

Weekly teaching time (Juniors) – 25 hours 50 minutes.
Weekly teaching time (Infants) – 24 hours 30 minutes.


We are a Healthy School

We actively encourage the children to eat healthily and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The infants receive free fruit and vegetables daily.  Whenever we eat in school we always consider the nutritional value of the food, e.g. Christmas Lunch and Easter Breakfast and Food Technology. However, we do have sweets occasionally as treats, e.g. Easter Egg Hunt, end of term rewards and fundraising events. Some children like to bring in a 'little something' for each child in their class to celebrate their birthdays. Sweets and cakes are NOT permitted but if you wish, very inexpensive, suitable items can be brought instead e.g. balloons.

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