Handcross Primary School

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Headteacher: Mrs Sharon Bondonno

Liaison with Pre-School Settings and Secondary Schools

Continuity between phases of education is extremely important for successful learning. At Handcross we have very close links with the pre-school facilities in both the village and Colgate and with the local secondary schools.

The Headteacher and Year R teacher visit the local pre-school group and some other feeder pre-school settings to enable new children to the school to get to know us on familiar ground. This is followed by several visits to then school for the children and a home visit from the Reception Teacher. Meetings are also held in June for parents of children entering school so that questions and concerns can be answered.

Staff from local secondary schools visit us in the Summer Term to discuss the needs of children who will be transferring in September. They also meet the children and answer questions. Parents of children in Year 6 are invited to attend Open Evenings at the schools and to meet the staff. The children get the opportunity to experience life in secondary school first-hand by spending a day at the school in July.

Pre-school girl

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