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Forest School

Forest School places an emphasis on outdoor, child-led learning enabling children to expand their knowledge, appreciation & respect for themselves, others and the environment through hands-on activities in a safe, natural setting.

We are fortunate to have Nymans Woods (owned by The National Trust) a short walk from school, alongside the expertise of their Rangers & volunteers who plan & run our sessions in collaboration with staff from Handcross. 

All Year 4&5 pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a block of sessions on Friday afternoons. Groups comprise 10-12 pupils and are mixed from across the 3 classes (Foxes, Roedeer & Badgers). This enables everyone to experience working with people from a different year group/class, as well as peers we may not normally spend time with - some strong (sometimes unexpected) friendships  have emerged, which is wonderful to observe, especially when these new friendships continue to develop away from the forest school. 

Sessions vary from group to group, season to season and might link to cross curricular topics in school. 

We leave school at 12:25pm and our adventures start as we walk over to the woods. We eat lunch together and have a chat & catch-up around the fire circle, before a full afternoon of discoveries, learning new skills, creativity, calmness, activity, independence and team work ... whatever the weather!

Plenty of fun is had - by the adults & children alike! We get back to school about 4pm, often smelling of campfire smoke! 



Ronnie, Indi, Mailey, Zak J, Jacob, Erykah, Aria, Austin W, Edouard, Imogen E, Max, Will S, Mrs Aylett & Miss O'Brien



*** fire lighting and making & drinking hot chocolate ***

*** spotting King Alfred's Cakes (an inedible fungi that can be used for starting fires), bluebells & primroses ***

*** Playing Scatter ***

*** Beginning to build dens *** 


Forest School Forest School
Forest School Forest School
Forest School Forest School
Forest School
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