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Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Pedersen

Staff - Blurbs written by Year 6 children

 G Pedersen   Charlotte Sturkey
Gill Pedersen
       Charlotte Stone
Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Pedersen is a happy jolly headteacher. She is always helping us improve our learning and encouraging us especially in sports. Mrs Pedersen is lovely to be around. She provides great assemblies that interests and chooses great teachers in our school. Mrs Pedersen rides to school every day on her bike and makes sure we are safe in school.
Mrs Stone is the Kestrels class teacher. She is fun and not really, really strict. She is very friendly and even makes the writing exciting. Mrs Stone is very energetic and hard working. Did you know that she is still working in school after 6pm on work days? But she still finds time to enjoy cooking and the gym.


KS2 Teachers

Anne Cozens   Vicki Halliwell   Hannah Warsap   Florence Stratton
Anne Cozens   Vicki Halliwell
(Y3 Badgers)
  Hannah Warsap
(Y5 Foxes)
  Florence Stratton
(Y4 Roe Deer)
Mrs Cozens has taught at Handcross longer than any other teacher! She loves books, reading and organises our reading weeks where she suggests lots of books for us to read. She is very helpful and kind-hearted and is very, very organised.
Miss Halliwell is a calm, fun teacher in Year 3. Her favourite food is pasta but she hates bananas. In her spare time she likes baking cupcakes and going on long walks. Her best holiday was the summer to Namibia where she slept in a tent on the roof of her car to escape the lions!
Miss Warsap is one of our lovely junior teachers. Before Miss Warsap came to Handcross Primary, she studied sociology at Cardiff University. Her greatest achievement is that she skydived out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet high. She also loves going to rock concerts with her friends.
Miss Stratton teaches the Foxes. She loves keeping people happy. She gives 10/10 for working at Handcross School. Her favourite subject is either literacy or drama. One day Miss Stratton would like to write a book. In her spare time she loves singing, cooking and playing badminton.


KS1 Teachers

Lydia Ralph   Miss Palmer   Sophie Jones    

Lydia Ralph
(YR Hedgehogs)

  Miss Palmer
(Y1 Robins)
  Sophie Davies
(Y2 Caterpillars)
Before Miss Ralph trained as a teacher she used to work in a nursery with babies and todlers. Her favourite holiday she has been on was Slovenia. Miss Ralph loves to dance, walk her dog Poppy, being outside and exploring.
Find out more about Miss Palmer very soon...
 Mrs Davies is as sweet as a cake. Now she is a teacher in the Squirrels class. The thing Mrs Davies loves most about school is that everyday is different and she likes meeting new people. In her spare time, she likes to read stories and does a little acting.

Part-Time Teachers

Steve Sneller Sandrine Havanne Clare Morris Rebecca Turvill
Steve Sneller
Sandrine Havanne
(French Language)
Clare Morris
Rebecca Turvill


KS2 Teaching Assistants

Sam Powell Angela Cribb Julie Guiver Stephanie Young
Sam Powell Angela Cribb Julie Guiver Stephanie Young
Catherine Aylett      
Catherine Aylett       


KS1 Teaching Assistants

Jessica Greaves Emma Fewster Emma Grant  
Jessica Greaves Emma Fewster Emma Grant  
Nicola Whale   Charlotte Greany  
Nicola Whale Charlotte Greany

Office Staff

Henry Brennan Sarah Goodenough Melanie Vallance  
Henry Brennan
Bursar/Business Manager
Sarah Goodenough
Melanie Vallance
Administrator & Clerk to Governors

Jane Creasey
Clerical Assistant

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