Handcross Primary School

Safe, Happy and Aiming High

Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Pedersen

School Council

All the older children in Kestrels are school councillors and 3 or 4 of them are allocated to each class. They lead weekly/fortnightly meetings with their respective classes in which they pass on current information about the school and note any issues which are important to them. The Kestrels then have a follow-up meeting all together to finalise decisions and act upon them.

All pupils are encouraged to pass ideas and suggestions to their representatives and to share in the decision making process. The staff believe very strongly that the children should have a voice and that their views should influence the development of the school. All children also undertake an annual questionnaire so that they have the opportunity to give us feedback on every aspect of the school. We refer to this when we plan developments for the school to ensure that our plans reflect the wishes of the children.

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