Handcross Primary School

Safe, Happy and Aiming High

Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Pedersen

Class Organisation

This is an eight class school; one-form entry with an extra bulge in years 2/3. Currently, we have about 240 children on roll.

Class Name Class Teacher(s) Year Group(s) Teaching Assistants
Hedgehogs Miss Ralph Year R Mrs Greany & Mrs Fewster
Robins Miss Palmer Year 1 Miss Grant
Caterpillars Mrs Davies Year 2 Mrs Ford & Mrs Taylor
Badgers Miss Halliwell Year 2-3 Mr Lowis & Ms Whale
Dragonflies Miss Lane Year 3 Miss Snell
Roedeer Miss Stratton Year 4 Miss Young
Foxes Miss Warsap Year 5 Mrs Guiver
Kestrels Mrs Stone Year 6 Mrs Powell, Mrs Aylett & Mrs Cribb

We have an excellent reputation with the local universities for training teachers. This year, we are undertaking the teacher training of three graduates. Most of our teachers have been trained via this route. This way we can ensure the high calibre.

Most of the time, the children are taught by their class teacher, but there are other arrangements in place when the teachers have their non-contact time for planning. At this time, each class is taught by our excellent specialist music teacher and our excellent specialist PE teacher.

In every class there is at least one Teaching Assistant who will frequently teach small groups and individuals under the direction of the class teacher.

There is a rich programme of special extension activities for our Very Able children including a special daily express Maths set for 6-8 children when they reach the top of the school. This is taught by a specialist maths teacher. If the children have the ability, they achieve the expected level of attainment of a 14 year old. Daily Maths, Phonics, Spelling and Reading take place at the same time across the school so that children can be placed in the group that best suits their ability. If children show a particular aptitude for maths, they attend the daily maths lessons of the year above so that their progress is accelerated.

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