Handcross Primary School

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Headteacher: Mrs Gillian Pedersen

After-School Clubs Spring 2018

Day Club Yr Group Member(s) of staff Time  Location
Monday Needlework & Crafts Club Yr 4-5-6 Mrs Boustead 3.15-4.15 Kestrels
Junior Netball Yr 4-5-6 Mrs A & Mrs G 3.15-4.15 Playground (HALL if it rains)
Infant Ballet Club Yr R-1-2-3 Mrs Davies 3.15-4.00 HALL (Caterpillars if it rains)
Sci-Art Club Yr 2-3-4 Miss Ralph 3.15-4.00 Hedgehogs
Art & Craft Club  Yr 2-5 Miss Palmer 3.15-4.00 Robins
Team Building Games Yr 3-6 Mr Lowis 3.15-4.00 Field (Registration in Badgers)
Tuesday Yr 5 & 6 Cookery Club  Yr 5-6 Mrs Boustead 3.15-4.30 Dragonflies
Junior Tag Rugby Yr 4-5-6 Mr Lowis 3.15-4.00 Badgers/Playground (CANCELLED if it rains)
Construction Club Yr R-1-2 Miss Grant 3.15-3.45 Robins
Gymnastics Club All Steve @ SCS 3.15-4.15 HALL
Go Wild  Yr 2-6 Jim @ Go Wild 3.15-4.30 Field (Registration in Badgers)
Wednesday Junior Streetdance Yr 3-6 Miss Hemsley 3.15-4.15 HALL
Infant Junk Modelling Yr R-1-2 Miss Grant 3.15-4.00 Robins
Infant Percussions Yr R-1-2-3 Miss Snell 3.15-4.00 Seagulls
Yr 3 & 4 Cookery Club  Yr 3-4 Mrs Boustead 3.15-4.30 Dragonflies
Thursday Steve’s Junior Football Yr 3-6 Steve 3.15-4.15 Field (HALL if it rains)
Musical Theatre ALL Mrs Greaves 3.15-4.15 HALL
Infant Ball Games Yr R-1-2 Mrs Ford 3.15-4.00 Caterpillars/Playground (CANCELLED if it rains)
Timestable Club Selected Jr Miss Stratton   Roedeer
Friday Morning Cross-Country Club Yr 2-6 Steve @ SCS 8.00-8.45 Playground
Infant Streetdance Yr R-2 Miss Hemsley 3.15-4.00 Hall (Hedgehogs if wet)
Steve’s Multisports  Yr 3-6 Steve @ SCS 3.15-4.15 Playground (HALL if it rains)
Infant French Yr 1-3 Miss Sokolska 3.15-4.00 Ladybirds
Ross’ Infant Football  Yr R-2 Ross @ SCS 3.15-4.15 Field (HALL if it rains)
Wacky Races  Selected Jr Miss Lane 3.15-3.45 Outdoor Classroom


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